"People don’t like you, honey, that’s a good sign
Most people don’t know nothing but opinions
Very few find the facts
You keep trying to make them all side with you
You’re gonna waste all your time
Because you can’t get ‘em, shouldn’t want ‘em, don’t need ‘em
So move on, be righteous and relax"
— Fiona Apple from an interview with Rolling Stone (via isaacbarnhill)
"I have been told that the intensity of my feeling about segregation is neurotic. I have never denied that this may be so. I grew up in a sick society, and a sick society makes neurotics - of one kind or another, on one side or another. It makes people like those who could take pleasure in killing and mutilating Emmett Till, and it makes people like me."
— Anne Braden (The Wall Between)  (via theyearofselfeducation)

they hate to see us on top
"Nothing makes white people more uncomfortable than black anger. But nothing is more threatening to black people on a systemic level than white anger. It won’t show up in mass killings. It will show up in overpolicing, mass incarceration, the gutting of the social safety net, and the occasional dead black kid."
Brittney Cooper | In defense of black rage: Michael Brown, police and the American dream  (via america-wakiewakie)


we can let the kkk have their own march but the people in ferguson can’t even riot the death of an innocent boy…

I don’t think I want children. How could I raise them in a world where White murderers are walking free and Black civilians are shot just for breathing?